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Monday, May 25, 2020

Featured Crochet Designer: Crochet Water Bottle Holder by Shehnaaz at Crochet Dreamz

  I love to support crochet (and knit) designers, and do so at every opportunity.  If you have ever tried to design and write a pattern yourself then you know how much work actually goes into that task.  Even what seems like a simple pattern, such as a water bottle holder, that takes about an hour to make, may take at least 10 times that long to design and actually write out the pattern, then test it several times to work out all the little mistakes, and make sure it is easy enough for even a beginner crocheter to read and follow. 

  Today I want to share one of my favorite crochet designers who does an excellent job of designing and writing easy to understand patterns for trendy fun items for yourself, baby, kids, and your home.  The designer is Shehnaaz of Crochet Dreamz.  I've made several of her patterns, and am always pleased with the outcome.  The most recent pattern of hers that I made is this pretty Crochet Water Bottle Holder (pictured below).   I was able to follow her pattern and complete the bottle holder in just over an hour, could have been a little faster but I made it while also shopping online for storage bins. Isn't it pretty?!

  I always have a water bottle or my big 24oz metal drink container (pictured below) with me and it's sure handy to be hands free when needed, so this holder is just perfect for my needs.  The open-lace pattern allows the holder to stretch to accommodate either a 16oz water bottle or my big metal drink container.  The cross-body strap was the perfect size for my short body, but if you are tall don't worry, she added instructions to fit your body as well.  Shehnaaz always pays attention the smallest details too.  Like adding a round of slip stitches to the strap to prevent too much stretch, and sewing the strap inside the body of the holder instead of just stitching it along the top so it is very strong to hold the weight of a filled container.

  I made this bottle holder with Lion Brands 24/7 Cotton Yarn in the colorway Jade.  I used my Furls Galaxy Andromeda Crochet Hook in size G 4.0mm. (see below) Isn't it just gorgeous?  Who wouldn't be inspired when using this hook on any pattern.  The pattern calls for two different size hooks, and since I am an authorized Furls retailer you would think I have my choice of hooks at the ready, but when the urge hit me to make this item I reached in my WIP bag nearest to me (I have them placed throughout my home and office) and it contained this size G which is right between the two sizes recommended for this pattern, so I averaged the two sizes and used this hook alone.

  If you visit Shehnaaz's blog, Crochet Dreamz, you will see that she generously shares many of her patterns for free, but her paid patterns are very reasonable.  I just bought this cute '7 Hour Cocoon Cardigan' (see her stock pattern image below) pattern for only $5.50, I spend more than that on a cup of iced coffee.  Now I'm off to dig through my personal yarn stash to find just the right yarn for this project.

   Do you have a favorite crochet designer that you would like to share?  Please include a link to their website or blog in the comments.  I would love to check them out, and maybe even feature them here in the future. 

Crochet on my friends...


*Disclosure:  This was not a paid promotion.  Shehnaaz actually knew nothing about this post before I wrote it.  Links to her blog or website where her patterns can be purchased were included by me simply because I want to promote crochet designers.  I included links to my Furls Crochet Hook shop in case my readers wanted a quick link to my products.

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